Our Salon

Climate Control

We have installed 3 separate climate control areas to ensure that the temperature is consistent and comfortable for your dog all year round, throughout their grooming experience.

Safe & Calm Environment

We have divided the salon into 3 secure sections to ensure the safety of your dog at all times. Our ambient lighting and adaptil diffusers also ensure that your dog remains calm and stress free.

Electronic Tables

Our electronic tables mean that dogs can simply step onto them and then be raised to the required height to be groomed. This ruled out any possibility of injury to your dog by being picked up.

Non Slip Surfaces

The salon is fitted throughout with the highest quality anti slip surface to ensure your dog's safety during and after the grooming process. Our floor is kind to paws and means we can keep the salon clean and hygienic.

Custom Baths

We teamed up with a special fabricator to build custom baths that take into consideration different sizes and types of dogs, this way we can make the groom as easy and comfortable as possible for your dog.

High Quality Products

Using sub standard bathing and grooming products can be detrimental to your dog's coat. We use only high end professional shampoos, sprays and spa products.